From Our Desk To Yours… 

If we asked you to tell us about your business what would you say?
Would you share your stories of your history and how it all came to be…
Would you reveal the late nights and early mornings and years of hard work you put in…
Would you reminisce about the bonds created between your employees and team members…
Would you detail the challenges you had to overcome to get here…
Would you explain the effort and precision you put forth in building quality for your customers…

You see your legacy can’t be boiled down to just numbers on an excel sheet. 
And your business deserves a transition of ownership to a home that see’s it more than just that.

Here at United Business Leaders, we strive to be that new home for your business.


Opportunity for liquidity & transfer of ownership on your terms.


Continuity for your employees, customers and community.


Flexible timelines and structures defined and driven by your priorities.

 Your Legacy

Do you remember what it was like when you first started?
Do you remember your first customer, or the first check you deposited from a job well done?
You wanted to build something. It went without saying that your work spoke of quality and purpose.
You forged ahead day after day, adding great people alongside you.
Overtime, through a lot of hard work you built something.
You built a legacy.

When exiting from your business it’s up to you to decide how that legacy continues.

And you’re going to have options.
Some options will care more about consolidation and bringing your brand under a larger operating entity.
Some options will deploy cost cutting tactics and strict oversight.
Some options will do whatever it takes to whip your business to a multiple for a short term profit target.

Call us old fashioned, but those options just aren’t for us.

We like to keep a longterm outlook.
We like businesses with employees who think of each other as family.
We like businesses with customers that expect great things to continue.
We like businesses with solid history that we can continue and build on.

We’re not right for everyone, but we don’t want to be.
We’re right for the owner who cares what happens after the close.

Legacy. You built it and we intend to carry it on.

 Your People

If you’re the type of business owner we like working with, you’ll ask hard questions about what happens to your people after you exit your company. You care. And we like that. We find that business owners who take an active approach in understanding what will happen to their people typically have built a business of quality and culture that we like and intend to continue for the longterm.

Here’s what you can expect from us…

We believe good people make good businesses.

We like businesses that have adequate leadership to manage the day to day operations after you exit. If you don’t have someone, we can help find someone and we’d even ask for your feedback when selecting the individual.

We like to promote from within allowing your people to continue growing as leaders.

We like employees thinking like owners, and we believe your employees should get a piece of the upside. We’re so dedicated to this that we’ve invested in a network of advisors who specialize in the legalities and paths to creating employee stock ownership regardless the size of your organization.

We believe day to day operations should be in a decentralized structure. This means your people won’t have us interfering or telling them how to do their job.

We believe growth isn’t just in reference to sales or market share. We believe in investing in resources that help people grow personally and professionally.

When you talk with us be sure to ask us to elaborate and share more of these details. We want you to be confident that your people are in good hands under whatever new ownership you choose.

 The Process

It Begins With a Conversation

Step 1 – Like most things in business it all starts with a conversation. Regardless of your timeline or unique situation, we’d love to start that conversation. A brief call can allow us to learn more about you and for you to learn more about us. There’s no pressure or obligation and should your priorities in transitioning from your business change, at the very least we’ll all have benefited from meeting new friends.

Understanding Your Goals

Step 2 – At this point, we’ll move into a discussion to clearly understand more about your goals and how we can make this a fantastic experience for you, your employees, your customers and other stakeholders of your business. Our goal is to bring flexibility that will allow you to transition on your ideal timeline with open considerations to tax planning and lifestyle needs. It’s at this point we can create a deeper understanding as to what that looks like for you.

Deeper Learning

Step 3 – Once we’ve got a clear understanding of your goals we’ll work to gather a deeper learning about your business.
We’ll discuss how your business works, current operating financial levels, what leadership is in place and other basic components. We understand the sensitivity in a process of this sort and guarantee a high level of confidentiality.

Agreement in Valuation

Step 4 – We believe a winning transition is one where everyone walks away better than before. It’s at this stage of the process that we will work together to agree upon a valuation method and price for your business. We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency. During this phase (and all phases) we’ll be as clear as we can to explain our reasoning and thoughts. We treat others as we wish to be treated and work consciously to preserve that reputation.

Due Diligence

Step 5 – Once we’ve agreed upon a price, we’ll begin the due diligence phase. We understand all buyers complete due diligence differently. As we see it, due diligence is just a thorough look into confirming what we believe we already understand about your business. We’ll communicate with you regularly and keep you updated on how things are progressing to ensure this process sticks to a tight timeline.

Transition Planning

Step 6  – Towards the end of the due diligence process we will begin the Transition Planning phase. Transitioning is unique for every business owner. The sale of a business can be stressful for employees, customers and general stakeholders. We want to minimize this stress and maximize the continuity. We’ll plan most of this based on your goals we discussed previously. This is our chance to help you write the storybook script of riding off into the sunset (or sticking around if that’s what you want to do)…

United Transition

Step 7  – Once all is complete, we’ll emerge together as a united team transitioning the business to it’s next phase of ownership. We’ll lean on you for introductions to your team members, day to day employees, customers and suppliers. We’ll answer their questions and explain what attracted us to your business. Our hope is that together we can all continue a great legacy and we want these relationships to be at the forefront of that.

Our Belief

UBL was created by Business Leaders for Business Leaders. Our focus is to invest in great companies continuing the mission and legacy of the business set forth by the original founders.

We empower our businesses, giving them the independence to operate at their best level without managerial interference. We invest in their people, bringing in industry experts to assist not replace.

We uphold quality to ensure continuity for customers, suppliers and communities in which our businesses operate.

We approach each owner relationship with a humble understanding that there is much we can learn from them.

We operate with an indefinite longterm horizon, viewing each business we take on as a permanent family member.

Our advisors carry decades of experience, expertise and knowledge providing assistance when needed.

As managing partners, we bring passion, creativity and vision to see that incumbent owners have a flexible transition from their business on their own terms.

If you’re ready, we’re here. Let’s start the conversation.

Let’s Begin

If you think there might be an opportunity for us to work together or if you just want to learn more about what we do, please drop us a note in the contact form below. We love meeting other business leaders and look forward to meeting you…

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